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Al Qusais Industrial Area 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Phone : +971547700750
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Al Qusais Industrial Area 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Looking for a quality and affordable planner for your next project?

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Contact Number

Phone : +971547700750
Tel : +97145461770

Working Hours

We are happy to meet you during our working hours. Please make an appointment.

  • Monday To Saturday9am to 5pm


We are expert in the supply of equipment (phosphate fertilizers industry, sulfuric phosphoric acids, nitrogenous and organic fertilizers)

Our company supplies the equipment and materials required to complete the entire production of phosphate fertilizers, starting from mining, concentrating P2O5 in phosphate rocks and treating it to produce chemicals used in fertilizer production until final production, the most important of which are:

  • Mining equipment
  • Equipment for milling and screening in mines.
  • Means of transportation for phosphate rocks inside the mine and then from the mines to the factories.
  • Rock homogenization and scraping units.
  • Milling and screening equipment with sizes commensurate with the requirement per kiln.
  • Kiln feeding equipment, including dust removal systems, conveyors and others.
  • Kiln equipment and accessories, including (fuel system and its accessories, aluminum fire bricks and various kinds of aluminum cement, mills, and conveyors).
  • Supplying the reactors and their auxiliaries for converting Caoto calcium carbonate for the purpose of disposal by washing.
  • Supply of equipment for rock washing, grinding and drying lines.
  • Supply of chemical industry equipment that needs phosphate rocks, which are used in the manufacture of fertilizers and from them.
  • Phosphoric acid industry equipment.
  • Equipment for purifying uranium from phosphating rocks to produce (yellow cake).
  • Sulfuric acid industry equipment.
  • Ammonia production equipment.
  • Triple superphosphate (TSP) production equipment.
  • Monoammonium phosphate (MAP) production equipment.
  • Di-ammonium phosphate production equipment. (DAP).
  • P. Production Equipment
  • P.K. Production Equipment

2- Nitrate fertilizer production requires a different production process that uses gas or minerals, including supplying factory equipment to produce the following.

  • Urea nitrogen fertilizer production equipment
  • Fertilizer production equipment

3- The main sources of organic fertilizers are sewage, animal waste and food waste. Fertilizers can be produced from these sources in solid or liquid form, and we provide the equipment for production

Equipment for producing compos from food waste for the production of solid and liquid organic fertilizers.

  • Organic fertilizer production lines from heavy water.
  • Production lines of organic fertilizers from animal wastes and others.

Our companies and the expert have extensive experience in this field, as we supply the necessary equipment for all stages of the industry from exploration, mining, transportation, homogenization, crushing, screening, concentration and washing to increase the percentage of P205 in phosphate rock to become ready to produce phosphoric acid. From phosphoric acid you can purify uranium and produce a wide range of fertilizers (MAP, DAP, TSP, NP, NPK). We also have experience in supplying potash and nitrate fertilizer equipment.



Our range of equipment for mining companies starts from:

  • Mining equipment’s.  
  • Explosion material
  • Crusher systems – jaw crusher, hammer mill, etc
  • Screening units from 0mm to 250mm
  • De-dusting – wet and dry process
  • Loading equipment for either train or truck including specialized bulldozer and wheel loader, etc.
  • Transportation equipment from the mine to the loading station – including mining truck, conveyor belt, loading station equipment to load the rock onto the train or truck to move it to for homogenization and concentration.

Transportation of raw material

We supply the equipment and spares to move the rock from the mine to an unloading station.

  • Trains specialized for the industry
  • Heavy trucks
  • Conveyor belt

Unloading and homogenization equipment

Unloading and homogenization units are closely linked by the sequence of work:

·         Unloading station equipment including hopper and vibrator


·         Stacker – to distribute the product in the storage

  • Re-claimer – to remove the rock phosphate after homogenization before it moves to crushing and screening

A.4 Crushing and screening equipment

To prepare the product for concentration, we supply the following:

  • Loading unit – vibrator and conveyor belt

    Crushing and screening units according to customer requirements

Rotary Kiln Equipment

The range of supply includes:

  • Loading unit – hopper, vibrator and conveyor belt
  • Kiln feeders
  • De-dusting – dry process
  • Pre-heating area equipment – including riser ducts, air fan, and steel structure
  • De-dusting – wet process
  • Bricks and mortar to insulate the kiln and protect the kiln shell from the high temperatures – low, medium, and high alumina bricks and mortar
  • Heating systems equipment

Slaking Equipment

To concentrate P2O5 rock phosphate we need to change the lime (CaO) after it leaves the kiln, by adding water in the slaking unit to change it to Ca(OH)2and get it ready for washing, we supply the following equipment:

  • Reactor/slacker including water supply
  • Dry process – including screw conveyor and de-dusting system to move the product to the storage tank
  • Wet process equipment – including tank, agitator and pump to move the product to the washing units.

Washing Equipment

We supply the equipment to make the product finer and easier to remove the Ca(OH)2from rock phosphate and increase the P2O5 percentage:

  • Screw conveyor

• Belt conveyor

• Screening • Ball mill

• Pump

• Centrifugal water separator

• Pipe and fittings for raw and industrial water


After the P2O5 is more concentrated, we supply the equipment to distribute the product in the warehouse, including:

  • Hopper
  • Conveyor belt
  • Re-loading equipment
  • to take the product for reaction with sulphuric acid to produce phosphoric acid

A.9 Industrial water collection

There is high water use throughout the process in the kiln de-dusting systems and rock phosphate washing, so we supply the following equipment:

  • Water tank
  • Sludge remover
  • Pumping station
  • Pipeline
  • Pig system

Chemical industry

  • Three chemicals are required for the process of uranium purification to produce yellow cake, and to make fertilizers from phosphate.
    Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) Plant Equipment
    To produce Sulphuric Acid, the raw Sulphur comes from either the oil and gas industry native Sulphur or barite. Most of the equipment needs to be stainless steel or rubber coated to resist corrosion. The equipment includes:
    • Transportation equipment for raw Sulphur
    • Turbo compressors to provide combustion air for sulfur burning
    • Preheat systems fans are u seed for acid regeneration
    • Fans to supply gas made of corrosion resistant material
    • Reactor for production of sulphuric acid, and all accessorie


  • Cooling tower with all accessories

• Compressors to collect and transfer waste gases to flaring or treatment units
• Fan to extract residual gas
• Sulphur dioxide (SO2) extraction unit
• Special pumps, valves, and fittings to handle sulphuric acid

B.2 Phosphoric acid (H3(PO4) 2) plant equipment

To produce phosphoric acid, we need equipment to transport and supply the solid rock phosphate to the reactor, and special equipment to supply sulphuric acid to the reactor. Much of the equipment needs to be stainless steel or coated with rubber to resist corrosion. Our scope of supply is the following:
• Reactor for production of phosphoric acid
• Filter

  • Cooling tower
  • Fan and compressors
  • Pumps, valves, fittings special for phosphoric acid
  • Water collection unit for transport water and gypsum for treatment
  • Tank for phosphoric acid and pumping station to send phosphoric acid to uranium purification units or fertilizer factories

B.3 Uranium purification units

  • To extract uranium from rock phosphate sulphuric acid is required. To handle this process and produce yellow cake, we can supply the following equipment:
    • Storage tank

  • Pumping station
  • Oxidization unit
  • Purification unit
  • Pumps, valves, fittings special.

B.4 Ammonia factory equipment.

  • To produce all kinds of chemical, phosphate and nitrate fertilizers, we need ammonia, and the equipment for the production of ammonia include:
    • Special gas storage tanks

• Centrifugal compressors

• Air separation unit
• Fans – to provide air to the process

• Fans – to evacuate residue gases from reactors
• Storage tank for ammonia, with all accessories
• Pumps, valves, fittings designed to handle ammonia .

Fertilizer industry

The previous phosphate and chemical industries, produce the chemicals and elements vital for the fertilizer industry. Across the region, farmers need to get the best out of their land and fertilizers are an integral part of that process. According to the soil and the crops, phosphate, nitrate and potash fertilizers are required, with a strong new demand for organic fertilizers as the world demands more organic food.

Phosphate fertilizer

We supply the equipment to produce the several kinds of phosphate fertilizer, which include MAP, DAP, TSP, NP, and NPK. Our range of supply includes:

  • Storage facilities for both liquid or solid raw materials
  • Reactor with spare parts and accessories
  • De-dusting system
  • Conveyor belt
  • Screw conveyor
  • Pump
  • Storage facility for finished product
  • Transport to packing system

Nitrate fertilizer

We can supply the equipment to handle all sort of production of urea, from its many sources, such as petroleum gas, ammonia, soda nitrate and other sources of nitrogen. This equipment includes:

  • Storage tank for gas or liquid, with all accessories
  • Turbo compressors with spare parts and accessories
  • CO2 centrifugal compressors
  • Blower
  • Granulator with spare parts and accessories
  • De-dusting system
  • Conveyor belt
  • Screw conveyor

 Pump for urea use

  • Storage facility for finished product
  • Transport to packing system

Potash fertilizer

The second most important requirement for plants is potassium, which is delivered through potash fertilizer. The main sources of raw potash are rock or soil rich in potassium as well as water from the Dead Sea in Jordan. Both sources require very different equipment to either collect rocks or soil, or to evaporate the water, then transfer the raw potash to be treated into compost, the most important of which is NPK production.

  • Equipment for transporting and transporting soil and rocks.
  • Equipment for evaporation and collection of water.
  • Storage facility with all accessories.
  • Reactor and granulator with spare parts and accessories
  • De-dusting system
  • Conveyor belt
  • Screw conveyor
  • Storage facility for finished product
  • Transport to packing system

C.4 Organic fertilizer.

  • The large (and growing) demand for organic food has created important requirements for organic fertilizers, whether liquid or solid. The three main sources of organic fertilizers are sewage, animal waste, and food waste.
  • We can provide all required equipment for three sectors,
  • We supply the necessary equipment to collect and process animal excreta and convert it into organic fertilizer.
  • Our experience and contacts help us provide the special units for converting food waste into compost, then converting it into liquid or solid fertilizer.

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